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Lost Soldiers Mod

Beitragvon LostSoldiers am Donnerstag 24. August 2006, 15:40

An Armed Assault Mod In The Making

Website: www.lost-soldiers.com
Campaign Strory ‘Bloody Freedom’

The year is 2007, After long intense fighting for Iraqi Freedom, UK and US American forces start to send troops back home to their families. Elements of the 1st Battalion, The Parachute Regiment are still occupying some hostile areas of Iraq. Things have been pretty calm lately but there are rumours that the Syrian terrorist insurgents led by Al Tayyib are taking some revenge on the coalition forces in Northern Iraq, there are also unconfirmed rumours that they are being supported with weapons, armour and explosive devices by a Russian Smuggler group led by his somewhat friend Stanlislav Rustam. The Iraqi economy has not shown signs of improvement despite the fall of Sadaam almost 3 years ago, large military cutbacks have increased the support of subversive elements against the coalition forces and the situation is starting to become even worse...

Just when the nation thought things couldn’t get any worse, Intel (Intelligence) recently discovered news that hostages being held by the henchmen of the roofless Al Tayyib. The UK and US American forces are now sending in men from 1st battalion into hell to retrieve all hostages from the hostile locations. Playing as a solider by the name of SGT Tommy Aktins, you have to lead your men into the thick of battle, rescue the hostages and protect them at all costs. Iraq is on a highly hostile state and retrieving the hostages will be a task for bravest men. Intel has recently receiving information on the where about of the terrorist Al Tayyib currently on the most wanted list and to be armed and dangerous.

The continue...

The mission begins, your deep in baghdad after fighting for your country for many years. Now your mission brings you to baghdad. The final place of the war. You now need to find and over take all the oil fields that are not under blaze. You must defend at all cost. You take your men threw the desert finding your way threw sand storms and explosions from other oil plants. YOU MUST get as many as you can before nightfall.

The mission will take all day and night, after you have captured you must head for the rally point given to you at 0100 hours, make your way to the rally point and defend untill back up arrives. You will then be air lifted to the nearest allied base.



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Beitragvon Prkl91 am Montag 2. Oktober 2006, 23:33

Sounds (and looks) promising! ;) I'll be looking forward to this after the release of Armed Assault.
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