Problem using mic, converting MP missions

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Problem using mic, converting MP missions

Beitragvon Sudden Death am Samstag 5. August 2006, 08:34

Daniel Matoka sent us an email:

first question I have trouble with using the mic on mp yes i have config in preferences np, still dosnt work.

2nr i have an older map i have made i want 2 upgrade it for use with 1.46 in mp online what can i do is there a ulility for this perpus?

Who can help him?

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Beitragvon Burnix am Sonntag 6. August 2006, 01:04

I would like to help, but I don't understand him or only a little bit.

1. Question: He want's to use his microphone with voice over ip, but this doesn't work in Operation Flashpoint.
2. Question: Don't understand the problem, I thaught CWC maps are compatible for Resistance too?
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Beitragvon Vyruz am Sonntag 6. August 2006, 09:23

@1: Don't use the Operation Flashpoint given service by Voice over IP, use Teamspeak instead.


Simply agree to the terms at the bottom and the download will about to start

@2: If you have a mission made with OFP under the version of 1.46 and you upgrade to 1.46 there should be no problem.
The mission is still playable. If you try to convert it to 1.75, Resistance to say, there could appear some problems.
Conclusion: You don't need any programs to convert older missions to 1.46, just simply upgrade your OFP version
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